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Traitement Corps

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The cell-active body care tightens the skin, gives it protection and silky softness.

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Delivery Time 1 to 2 days

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The tightening body cream Traitement Corps reactivates the body with highly effective active care ingredients. Used daily, the intensive body care regenerates and activates the weak connective tissue. Traitement Corps supplies the skin with moisture and its creamy texture makes it soft and smooth. The skin structure is noticeably and visibly improved. Every day, it gains tightness, smoothness and evennness. Firming and shaping of the tissue. The cell-active, remodelling active ingredients of Dermosthétique Forme-Actif target problem areas.

The cell-active body care tightens the skin, gives it protection and silky softness.

• Cell-active regenerative active ingredient from Siberian ginseng, taurine and an Essential Cell Boost Factor: Increases the skin’s stress resistance, protects, regenerates and stabilises the cells, supplies essential nutrients and makes the skin more resistantCell-active energy and moisturising active ingredient of ATP, algin and papaya extract: stimulates the skin’s cellular metabolism and regulates the water balance, supplies the cells with energy and vitality, stores water, protects against water loss and additionally results in the stimulation of the skin renewal cycle

After showering or bathing, massage Traitement Corps into the body with circling motions.

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